Phandalin Beautification Project

Neat-o funds and efforts shall be diverted in attempts to "Beautify" the rustic environment of Phandalin. This includes, replanting of trees, grass-lands, and flowers, pavement of roads inside the city, and upwards towards the miner's trail and tri-boar trail, and the reconstruction of core structures- including the Shrine of Luck, the fountain, and worn houses inside the inner village limits. 

Neat-o will provide the following items to the effort:
*Prisoners, sentenced, instead of payments of gold.
*50 Gold pieces per month allocated to the purchasing of supplies.
*A Mason, and architect under the employ of Neat-o.
*Laborers of the city guard, along with employees under contract from Neat-o.

Neat-o will ask for the following items:
*Volunteer laborers
*Donation of supplies, along with quarry-stones, unused seeds, and expertise of the region. 

After the turn-over is completed, and the objectives of the project are achieved, Neat-o will continue to divert the funds and labor for a monthly up-keep to continue efforts of a beautiful city.

Phandalin Beautification Project

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