Neat-O Taxation

Neat-o Current Profit Gain
"Protection" cost 
Traders Union members: 4 Gold Pieces (per month)
Natural Resources Union members: 1 Gold Pieces (per month)
Department of Outwardly Adventurer Union: 5 Gold Pieces (per month)
Department of Divine Interpretation Union: 3 Gold Pieces (per month)

Merchant License: 10 gold pieces (Yearly membership)

Land Grant: 1 silver piece per acre (Per year)
Mineral Permit: 20 gold pieces per claim (Per year)
Agricultural Permit: 5 gold pieces per title (Per year)
Hunting Tag: 2 silver pieces per "big game," 1 copper piece per "small game"
Logger Permit: 10 gold pieces (Per year)
Fishing License: 5 gold pieces (Per year)

Adventure Registration: 10 % of awards up to 100 gold pieces (Per adventure)
Adventuring License: 25 gold pieces (Per year)

Religious practice Permit: 25 gold pieces (Per year)
Registration of Divine Integrity: 100 gold piece deposit

"Large" Land: 20 gold pieces per month, or 10 % of produced goods.
Major industry zones, taverns, or otherwise, along with large farms, and mines.

"Medium" Land: 10 gold pieces per month, or 5 % of produced goods.
Medium industry zones, lumber tycoons, and small shops.

"Small" Land: 5 gold pieces per month, or 2.5 % of produced goods.
Small industry zones, small farms, houses, and religious places.

Other Income
Odd Jobs-
10-100 gold pieces (depending on the quality of the job.)

Caravan Guard 
10 Gold pieces per day of travel (Including return trip)

*Any cargo stolen or loss during the travel process is not the fault of Neat-O, and as such; no compensation will be paid. 

Triboar Trail upkeep Tax:
1 gold piece per 100 pounds of travel trade, along with an additional 2 gold pieces per cart.

Failure to pay for taxes will result in jail time, failure to pay for protection will result in lack of protection and insurance in results of damage done by bandits or other events. Failure to purchase permits, will results in jail time, and fines.

Government Pay-out: 109160 Gold Pieces

Government Revenue: (Twenty percent of all taxes are not accounted for due to tax evasion, government tax breaks, and goods being given instead of regular revenue)

Tax Yearly Revenue 
Traders Union Protection 816
Natural Resources Union Protection 2700
Department of Outwardly Adventurer Union Protection 240
Department of Divine Interpretation Union Protection 36
Merchant License 430
Land Grant 21600
Mineral Permit 3250
Agricultural Permit 2250
Hunting Tags 160
Logger Permit  1000
Fishing License 400
Adventure Registration 300
Adventuring License 100
Religious Practice Permit 25
Registration of Divine Integrity 100
Large Land and Industry Tax 24000
Medium Land and Industry Tax 36000
Small Land and Industry Tax 36000
Small Odd Jobs (Two a week, ten gold pieces each) 960
Medium Odd Jobs (Two a month, fifty gold pieces each) 1200
Large Odd Jobs (Two a year, one hundred gold pieces each) 200
Caravan Guard Duty (Ten a month, with a growth of ten percent each year. This growth will increase to twenty five percent a year when the industry is monopolized by Neat-O) 7200
Triboar Trail Upkeep Tax (Average three thousand pounds of goods, over twenty carts a month. This growth will increase twenty five percent a year.)  600
Total Amount 133,984.32
Total Amount (After Reduced Tax Evasion) 111,653.6

Total Amount of Reserve: 2493.6 GP/year

Neat-O Taxation

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