Neat-O Prison and Reform Program

The Neat-O prisoner and reform program is established to protect the people under the protection of Neat-O from undesirables while giving prisoners the opportunity, through menial labor and correctional reform, to establish a career that will keep them out of crime after they serve their time in prison. 

Committee of Justice and Judges

Voting and Selecting

Over-seeing the judicial branch of Neat-O will be a selected member of a committee of justice voted upon by the Citizens Council and approved by the Council of Neat-O.  One member from each union will be appointed as a judge of their district, and will over-see verdicts relating to their associated unions. 


  The payment of these judges will be five gold pieces a day.

Punishment and Judgement

Any crimes associated with them will be appealed to the Council of Neat-O.

 Guilty verdicts must be declared correctly, and will be derived with four issues of punishment, depending on the severity and type of crime. These are as follows: fine, sentencing, physical, and capital. Failure to associate the crime with the punishment will result in similar punishments occurring to the Judaical involved in the case.

In civil cases, only wealth and property may be considered between the acting aggressor and defendant party. When convened, both parties will make a case to all acting members of the Justice Committee, and the group will foot in favor of one side or another. 

Office Life-Span

 Judge workings are considered to be life positions; however, members cannot gain any other position in governance while in office. 


This document state the minimum provision that is sought to be granted to the prisoners and the prison system. Any other amendments to this document will be attached in addendum.

Rights of a Prisoner

Prisoners of Neat-O are granted the following rights.

  •  The rights to a trial. 
  • The right to two meals a day.
  • The right to clothing.
  • The right to opportunities while within the prison system.
  • The right to appeal to ill-conceded guilt. 

The following rights will always be granted to criminal and civil prisoners and shall not be abated or ignored.

Prisoner Wealth Allocation. 

Prisons are given a ten gold piece budget per month per prisoner for food, clothing, and other accommodations. 

Regional Prisoner System (RPS)

The Regional Prisoner System shall be established to standardize locations where prisoners are held. The RPS shall be selected as Neat-O regions are established by the Neat-O council. These locations are to have a prison that can hold at minimum ten prisoners, with addendum held for locations that need to hold a higher prisoner population. 

  When the RPS is selected, all surrounding patrols to held within that region are to send two Neat-O Soldiers to serve as guards within that prison, with addendum held for location that need to hold a higher prisoner population. 

Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War are NOT permitted to the rights of civil and criminal prisoner rights, and thus do not apply to the before-mentioned legislation. 

Prisoner of Fines

People carrying fines may opt to take prison time instead of paying the right. For every one gold piece, they are given a sentencing time of one day.

 However, those who are fined CANNOT be sentenced unless the fine-goer refused to pay, and does not have property that can be confiscated. Such goers get twice sentencing.


Neat-O Prison and Reform Program

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