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  • Neat-O Taxation

    Neat-o Current Profit Gain
    "Protection" cost 
    Traders Union members: 4 Gold Pieces (per month)
    Natural Resources Union members: 1 Gold Pieces (per month)
    Department of Outwardly Adventurer Union: 5 Gold Pieces …

  • Operation Silk Road

    "Operation Silk Road"
    Neat-o is interested in claiming a portion of substance manufacturing, and distribution output through the Northern portion of The Sword-coast, specifically through that of the area(s) around the High Road, the …

  • Neat-O Settlement Program

    Organization Expansion-
    "Neat-o Settlement Program."
    Neat-o funds and efforts will be diverted in attempts to settle and repopulate areas of high economic and defense interest around the Never-winter woods region. This regions …

  • Neat-O Policy

    Neat-O Policy

    Any information on Neat-O and the government that it runs can be found.

      What is Neat-O? Neat-O is a Fascist Oligarchy in the puppet of a semi-republic state. Currently, it has three patrols and the city …