Chairman of Policy Enforcement


A stoic scowl upon his brow, and armor battered and bloody, the five foot nine inched handsome adventurer carries a grimace over his lips, and serious eyes of a scholar.


“You come across a man bannered in black.
He takes to his heart the numbness of hatred- the mind-set of brutality, and the cause of evil.
And for what? Does he follow it for gain, for power, for fear and loathing combined?
No, the man is broken, a yearns for nothing but his demise. "
-The parable of Jeff, the slayer of undeath.

Jeff never knew his father,
Born to the scarlet rose on the out-skirts of town, his life was among many who played chorus to this sin. It was he, his older brother Samuel, and his younger sister Sophia who resided in the small cottage with their mother.
Times were tough, and the moons brought the giggles of lumber-men, ilk of crime and other sort as their mother played them fancy. Jeff and his siblings sat outside, lit to the sounds and to the flame through the summers and winters. Food was scarce provided on the table, half of it being mead and other comforts of the natural world: spices and fragrances, hookah on occasion…
Jeff and Samuel were never the same. Jeff carried with him the look of a bored scholar, always with a book in his hand, and a stoic scowl in his face. He protected his kin, specifically the young Sophie while Samuel played the style of their long-forgotten father. He joined a gang, stole and harassed, and gambled the ill earnings to the local club-bosses, often inciting trouble and giving worse name to the out-cast family that Jeff belong to.
Young Sophie however took nothing of the two. As Jeff was stoic and Samuel was chaotic, Sophie was lively, open, and was the good nature brought from such a horrid situation. Jeff took it upon himself that Sophie was whom he had to protect… That who was his purpose in the world. He loved the young sister of his, protecting her from the suitors, from the buyers and from the thugs of Red Larch: teaching her in the way he could fathom. Jeff will not admit it, but Sophie was the only one who had made him smile, who had make him laugh and enjoy being alive.
However, as years passed, and the diseases of man wore their mother away, times got desperate. Jeff was ten when he heard the slaver’s at the door. Sophia was to be sold to a bidder in the East, a sultan of salts and for a hefty sum. Jeff slew the slavers and took his mother’s life too: axes to the throat. He buried the bodies upon the hill.
Jeff took up the trade of his brother in earn the simple gold to give Sophie a good life. The two played bouncer, Jeff being the trouble, Samuel being the reason. Yet, even then, they hadn’t enough to make ends meet: Samuel was to busy whoring and drinking and gambling to pay mind to Sophie. It was only when they had ran out of food for themselves that Samuel took the initiative, and poached the lord’s land. He took a arrow to the back of the head, and Jeff took the corpse to the lord’s estate for the meager sum of a poacher.
Word had spread by this point… The whore’s son now a fiend in both realms: a back-stabber to the underworld who sold to the lord’s estate, and a criminal who could not be trusted to the rest of the realm. The meager sum ran thing, as did the jobs available to Jeff until both he and his young sister Sophie became thin, oh so very thin.
It was midnight, the bells rang in the distance, and Jeff was brittle as was his sister whom had ran ill with a fever and was nothing but a skeleton. Jeff looked to her, the women who he had set forth to protect, now a skeleton in the eyes of the lords above. He shook his head, and took her to the river that ran near their cottage, and drowned her in the moon-light.
Alone in the world, Jeff retired home and dug his sister a grave next to their mother above the hill. Alone in the world, Jeff sat near them both, and pondered till the day light grew over the edge of the lands what he was to do.
When it did rise, Jeff set off, and found who had fathered him, slaying him. After the death of his father, Jeff wandered West where he is now in charge of Neat-o.

—GM Only
The hours of pondering deep into the night were of Jeff’s fate. He wondered what would be his demise: should he starve to death near the grave? Or perhaps should he go to town and fight those who wronged him, ending with a nose around his neck?
As he was wondering, a man who reeked of death approached him. He carried a smile upon his face, and a scythe upon his back, and he sat with the young Jeff. For a long time, the two were silent, until the strange being spoke: “I know what you are Jeff, and know what you desire. But death is not the answer, nor is life.”
Jeff responded, “Then what is?”
The strange figure laughed, “You are like a rock my dear boy, ground up, you become dust. That is what you become to, and you cannot destroy that.” The strange man stopped, then parched his lips before continuing, “However, let us make an exception, let us make the dust relinquish its might, and break you so you no longer exist.”
Jeff turned to the man, “No man nor no god can do this.”
A response was clear. “No god except that of the dead.” The strange mans body begin to lose its skin, as a skeletal being stood up, “I am Myrkul, the Lord of the Dead, and usurper of the Lord Jergal of his own domain. I may offer you your request but…”
“But?” Jeff interrupted.
“But, you must serve me until they point. If you become dust, you serve
, if you remain rock, you serve. You serve until the contract is completed: until I get as I desire.”
“What do you desire?” Jeff asked, but the strange skeletal Myrkul was not interested in giving an answer, only stating, “I shall let you know, as you know. First you must remove the flesh that binds you, banner yourself a man without strains. You know what you must do.”
Jeff nodded, he knew the answer, and now the location. Jeff left the strange creature, and traveled far to the north, coming upon the city of Miribar. There he found the man who had brought him on this planet, and strangled him, taking his sword and armor. From there, he journeyed to Neverwinter, where his story begins…


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